Scholarships and Rewards Program

Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Statistics

The Statistics Department introduced a comprehensive scholarship program that encloses the following 4 directions:
ACTION 1: Rewarding our best undergraduate students

a.    The student with the highest grade per year – Reward 150€  
b.    The student with the second highest grade per – Reward 100€  
c.    The student with the third highest grade per year – Reward 50€  
d.    Rewarding our good and consistent undergraduate students with a grade of at least 7 (and having passed all the courses of the year) - Symbolic Prize of at least 15€ in the form of a gift (eg a book)


ACTION 2: Rewarding our graduates for postgraduate studies
Exemption of postgraduate tuition fees

a.    Full exemption for the graduates of the AUEB Statistics department that hold a grade > 8.5 
b.    Partial exemption of postgraduate tuition fees for potential postgraduate students holding a grade> 8.0


ACTION 3: Rewarding the best postgraduate student

Scholarship for PhD: Scholarship for the best postgraduate student with a grade> 8.5 for PhD studies (500 € per month for 3 years, total 18000 €)

ACTION 4: Teaching reward 

a.    of PhD students (1000€ per 2 years, based on students evaluation)
b.    of temporary teachers (1000€ per 2 years, based on students evaluation).


This program will begin the next academic year (2021-22).