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We welcome PhD applications from students with an excellent M.Sc. qualification and an interest in many areas of statistics like Bayesian statistics, stochastic modeling, financial mathematics, actuarial statistics or multivariate statistics.


The PhD Program’s aim is to prepare candidates that desire to follow an academic career, or more generally, a career in research. The program’s graduates have the full ability to fulfill academic positions, as well as executive positions in businesses, banks and various other private and public sector organizations.

Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for applying to the program, which are the following:

Candidates with special potential that do not meet requirement A are able to apply for the program.

All applications are examined by the department’s Postgraduate Studies Committee. The Committee can ask a candidate for an interview before its final decision.

After the applications approval, a supervisor is defined.

Applications can be submitted throughout the academic year, while registrations take place in September.

The application can be found here.



Program Structure

  1. The application is initially approved if the candidate has brought the minimum required documents that are mentioned above.

  2. PhD candidates must attend and pass, during their first year, with an average grade of at least 7, the following courses:

  3. It is also possible, in the case that it is thought to be useful (at the suggestion of the supervisors) for at least two (2) PhD candidates to attend and be examined in the course “Stochastic Processes” which has a duration of 38 hours, instead of one of the courses “Generalized Linear Models” or “Data Analysis”. 
    Also, all PhD students have to attend during the first year, a special program of at least six (6) seminars presented by the Department’s faculty. 

  4. Minimum studies duration cannot be less than three (3) full academic years since the committee is appointed. Maximum duration is set at six (6) years since the committee’s appointment.


Currently, there are scholarships available for the program more information can be found here.

The Regulation for Doctoral Studies for the Statistics Department can be found here (in Greek). ​

The Regulations modification can be found here.

There is also a post-doctoral program in the Department. You can find more information here.


A list of our PhD Candidates can be found here.

A list of our PhD Graduates is here.

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