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Scholarships and Rewards Program

Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Statistics

The Statistics Department introduced a comprehensive scholarship program that encloses the following 4 directions:
ACTION 1: Rewarding our best undergraduate students

a.    The student with the highest grade per year – Reward 150€  
b.    The student with the second highest grade per – Reward 100€  
c.    The student with the third highest grade per year – Reward 50€  
d.    Rewarding our good and consistent undergraduate students with a grade of at least 7 (and having passed all the courses of the year) - Symbolic Prize of at least 15€ in the form of a gift (eg a book)


ACTION 2: Rewarding our graduates for postgraduate studies
Exemption of postgraduate tuition fees

a.    Full exemption for the graduates of the AUEB Statistics department that hold a grade > 8.5 
b.    Partial exemption of postgraduate tuition fees for potential postgraduate students holding a grade> 8.0


ACTION 3: Rewarding the best postgraduate student

Scholarship for PhD: Scholarship for the best postgraduate student with a grade> 8.5 for PhD studies (500 € per month for 3 years, total 18000 €)

ACTION 4: Teaching Reward for Undergraduate Program

a.      of PhD candidates (1,000€, every 2 years, based on student evaluations) 

b.      of temporary teaching staff, teachers by contract, or EDIP (1,000€, every 2 years, based on student evaluations).

c.      Praise and teaching reward to the teaching staff awarded the OPA

d.      Praise and teaching reward to the teaching staff that holds the highest score in the elective courses of the undergraduate programs.


ACTION 5: Teaching Praise for Postgraduate Program

Teaching praise and honorary plaque to the teaching staff with an excellent score (> 4.4 and at least 10 questionnaires) for the postgraduate M.Sc. in Statistics and PMS in Applied Statistics


ACTION 6: M.SC. Graduates Reward

Achievement Praise

Regarding the 3 M.Sc. programs of the Department of Statistics: (a) M.Sc. in Statistics, (b) M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and (c) M.Sc. in Quantitative Management of Actuarial and Financial Risk:

  1. Praise of Excellence for students with a grade > 8.5

  2. Praise of Outstanding Performance for students with a grade 8.0 – 8.5.

Here is a list of other scholarships.

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