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Journal Publications


  • Marsman M.; Huth K.; Waldorp L.J.; Ntzoufras I. "Objective Bayesian Edge Screening and Structure Selection for Ising Networks", Psychometrika

  • Stefanatou P.; Tsompanaki E.; Lavdas M.; Giannouli E.; Ralli I.; Kalogerakou S.; Anyfandi E.; Stylianidis S.; Stefanis N.; Mavreas V.; Konstantakopoulos G. "Patient-reported needs predict perceived psychosocial disability and quality of life beyond symptom severity in schizophrenia", Disability and Rehabilitation

  • Kondakis M.; Demiris N.; Ntzoufras I.; Papanikolaou N.E. "Inference and model determination for temperature-driven non-linear ecological models", Environmental and Ecological Statistics

  • Papastamoulis, P., Ntzoufras, I.: "On the identifiability of Bayesian factor analytic models", Statistics and Computing

  • Barmpounakis P.; Demiris N.; Kontoyiannis I.; Pavlakis G.N.; Sypsa V.: "Evaluating the effects of second-dose vaccine-delay policies in European countries: A simulation study based on data from Greece", PLoS ONE

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